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Just say no to eBay. We have straight forward pricing, no more bidding and getting taken at the last second or over paying for your parts.

 Need that special hard to find part?

Send us a parts request stating year make and model and we will check our inventory for that part for you personally.

In House Services


We offer many services for your cafe racer that can help you improve it.

Component Polishing Services

This is a CB 750 kit we are offering on eBay NOW Click to goto auction.We can polish your individual aluminum components to a mirror like surface.Polishing individual aluminum components on your cafe racer is one of the most dramatic changes you can make to your bike.

Cafe racers are not know for bling most times. But we can tell you this is an alteration that you will like. What's more is so will the people at the rides and shows.

Polishing your aluminum components can keep judges looking longer and scoring higher. As well as lots of compliments at the local rides.

Aluminum Component Polish Pricing:

Prices apply to all orders started after OCT 14,2008

These prices are based on Honda CB's and similar bikes. Add $10.00 for any painted or powder coated component.

Brake master - $75.00
Brake Caliper - $75.00
Brake Swing Arm - $45.00
Right side (clutch housing cover) - $65.00
Left Side (altenator cover) - $65.00
Left Side Shifter Cover - $55.00
Left Side inner spocket cover - $25.00
Tappet Covers (8 pieces) - $20.00
Valve cover assembly complete (this includes valve cover, tappet covers, and upper chain cover) - $90.00
Hand Controls
- $65.00 ea

Hubs - Front - $85.00 / Rear - $100
Lower Fork Leg - $75.00
Hand Levers Set (2 pieces) - $15.00

Upper Triple Without center metal dash - $50.00
Upper Triple With center metal dash - $60.00
Raised Type Triple (late models with choke pull cable) - $65.00
Center Metal Dash only (this includes disassembly of the dash unit to prevent damage to the indicators)- $20.00

Cross drilling brake rotors

We can and will Drill all makes and models. We have had numerous requests for bikes other than the Honda CB's and the answer is yes we can cross drill any rotor you may have.

This is a CB 750 kit we are offering on eBay NOW Click to goto auction.Why should you be cross drilling your brake rotors? The answer is easy. With superior venting you have superior braking. Braking that does not fade on a long hill or after a quick sequence of turns that have you grabbing for the brake. Don't get stuck in a tight situation with brakes that fail to do their job.

We keep this in mind with every rotor we cross drill. Your life depends on it.

We offer in house cross drilling of your brake rotor to improve braking performance of your vintage solid rotor bike. This is done by trained technicians that understand the very reason that you are sending your rotors to us to be vented. They are cross drilled on a pre set jig that allows us to keep close tolerances within thousands.

We use a 3-2 staggered drill pattern to make sure you get optimum cooling and maximum braking force and braking surface. Due to their size Honda CB 550/500/450 rotors are drilled in a 3 on 3 pattern unless you specify. This is due to excessive surface loss and we advise against it.

Call us for details on shipping and how to get started in making your bike safer today.

Cross Drilling Rotors is $55 per rotor

Smaller rotors are limited to what can be drilled safely and we will advise you on this. We do offer only the swirl pattern and variations thereof. The old 3 on 2 pattern is discontinued and we will no longer offer the pattern.

The swirl patterns are as follows

96 hole for Larger rotors CB750 etc

The rotor dimensions for this pattern must be 11 5/8" with a 2 1/4" face

72 Hole for Medium sized rotors CB 500/550 etc

The rotor dimensions for this pattern must be 10 3/4" with a 1 7/8" face

48 Hole Pattern for small sized rotors - I.E. CB 400/360 etc

These dimensions are plus or minus an 1/8th inch.

UPDATE Oct 14:

Shipped Rotors Working Time:

Rotor cross drilling is a 2-3 day turn around! We could have your rotors back to you possibly within 1 week (counting for shipping transit times).


  1. Send us a email to get approximate time turn around (please do not surprise us). You will be quoted and billed at that time.
  2. Fill out the order form in its completely and include it in the package with your rotor(s)
  3. Ship rotor(s) and payment if paying by money order or check using a USPS Priority flat rate box. Please use delivery confirmation as we are not responsible for items lost by USPS. (flat rate box will save you about $2-$6 depending on your location)These flat rate boxes are available at your local post office.
  4. When packing your rotor make sure it will not be able to shift around in the package as this can cause it to break the box open during shipping. Rotors are just about indestructible but you want to make sure it does not shift around in the box.
  5. Send your rotor(s) to:
    Anubis Cycle LLC, 1522 Weston, LaCrosse, WI, 54601
  6. When your rotor is finished you will receive an email of request of payment or confirm it has shipped.

Make sure you are using a USPS flat rate box like the one to the left. These can be obtained at your local USPS post office. This will save you lots of money on the shipp. Shipping with USPS flat rate comes to about $8.50 instead of over $15 to ship.

The rotors are a bit of a tight fit in these boxes, we have yet to have any issues with shipping the hundreds of rotors we have drilled in these boxes.



Tank Re-line

We offer services to reline your gas tank to fix those nasty rusted tanks. Contact us for details.

This service is offered for $50.00 per tank. No other alterations are allowed.



Custom Gauge Faces:

We offer a wide assortment of custom gauge faces to match your application. If we do not have your make or model listed contact us for details. As of right now we are not taking anymore gauge face orders until we work out the production details.

More Information

Rotor Drilling Services:

We offer in house rotor cross drilling services. High tech race look and function for your vintage cafe racer.

More Information

Polishing Services:

We offer in house Aluminum Polishing Services. Time to have you aluminum bits bling like they were intended to. Check out our services page for details.

More Information


We would like to thank you and all of our customers for your continued support.


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