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Just say no to eBay. We have straight forward pricing, no more bidding and getting taken at the last second or over paying for your parts.

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This will be the first of our signature series "Bullet" bikes. This bike will be signed when it is done.

Weather permitting we will run this finished bike on the Dragons Tail at Deals Gap.


This bike came to us out of Minnesota. It was running, but just barely. This bike is in need of some serious TLC which it will get in the up coming week. Keep checking back to see how this project progresses.

We will be pushing the deadline for completion way up. We are attempting to have this bike completed by March 17th.

It appears that we have a stow away. You would be surprised how many of these we see like this. Even in running bikes.

This also means we will have to chase all the wiring to make sure there is no hidden damage caused by our stow away.

The paper filter must have been tasty as there were no left over bits in the air box. I am not about to taste test it.




A fine example of really bad modification ideas. These will be tossed right in the 86-can as fast as we can get them off the bike.

These springs were cut to almost 3" under size!

Not only does this not look good, it is also dangerous as it changes the overall geometry of the bike making its cornering characteristics less than desirable.



Another example of a otherwise decent mods gone way overboard. These should not have really been pushed up higher than 1".

Any way, enough of picking on this bike. Here we start into the project.



Here is Rabia is on the stand after some part picking.

Some of the issues we will be covering are

  • Rear Shocks - These will be swapped out for some adjustable progressive shocks.
  • Carbs - these will get an entire laundry list of modifications that will include polishing the slides as well as the bores. Yes we could use some smooth bore carbs, but we are proving a point here.
  • Gauges - These will get our gauge face treatment.
  • Exhaust - Decisions will have to be made about clearance issues that this bike had because of the lowering that was done to it.
  • Ditching the 16" rear wheel assembly as well as the SQUARE tire made special for those "Special Achiever - Harley riders" - Just kidding guys. Many guys like the 16 rear wheel but I HATE IT!
  • Serious Weight loss. We are looking for about 80 lbs of weight loss overall. We will let you know just how close we get to that.
  • Port and polish head along with some trick port mods we will not share.
  • Top End re-ring
  • Degree aftermarket cam - The cam will be a custom grind.
  • Seeing that the bottom end is very low miles and tight as far as we can tell at this time we may be reusing the O.E. set up for the bottom end. Only time will tell on this one.
  • We will be ditching lots of parts from this bike to bring it to the world of the Cafe Racer.

This will be a no holds barred outright Cafe Racer. Lean and trim and completely business. Keep checking back while we guide you through the business end of this bike as it makes its transformation.


We finally have the carbs all done and rebuilt. There will be more pictures posted as time allows. After some careful cleaning and a quick rejet to some 120 jets for our 4-into-1 exhaust and pods the motor sang like a top.

With all of the parts mocked in place we will be doing the tear down in the next 2 days and start fast forward into making this bike look like a full show bike.

Time to make her pretty.......................


Please forgive the quality of the in shop in process photos. These are meant just to give you a peek into the the works as we attempt to complete this bike under a grueling schedule. We THANK our eBay customers for being tolerant of slow shipping times because of this bike.

Here is a shot of the carbs as they come into order. Just check out that hot anodized blue!

Yes That is a set of polished covers. Keep in mind that this is still in the rough stages. These carbs have been reworked with just about every trick we can come up with internally.

Here is the motor all spiffed up. The tappet covers were polished as well as a trick anodized chain tensioner. High temp black paint with a trick looking stainless steel paint on the jugs. A rather simple solution for a good look.



Custom Gauge Faces:

We offer a wide assortment of custom gauge faces to match your application. If we do not have your make or model listed contact us for details. As of right now we are not taking anymore gauge face orders until we work out the production details.

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Rotor Drilling Services:

We offer in house rotor cross drilling services. High tech race look and function for your vintage cafe racer.

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Polishing Services:

We offer in house Aluminum Polishing Services. Time to have you aluminum bits bling like they were intended to. Check out our services page for details.

More Information


We would like to thank you and all of our customers for your continued support.


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