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Just say no to eBay. We have straight forward pricing, no more bidding and getting taken at the last second or over paying for your parts.

 Need that special hard to find part?

Send us a parts request stating year make and model and we will check our inventory for that part for you personally.

About the Owner


In my own words:

My name is Thomas Neubauer and I have worked long and hard to make this business what it is. This is built with every bit of my blood, sweat and tears. Most that know me and ride with me, call me Anubis, hence the name of the biz. And if you understand the Anubis history you see the "Raise from the dead" and the whole afterlife connection.

I have built every part of Anubis Cycle into what it is. Sometimes this is a self made curse.

In 2003 When I started this business I had no idea it would do what it has done so far. Our customers have made it possible with every transaction they have done with us and I thank you.

Looking to cut a path into custom motorcycle world I started doing café racers. After doing several café racers I had a vision of a classic Honda café racer. The ideas for Home Wrecker were born.

I decided to do a “self imposed biker build off” with Home Wrecker in 24 days for the Aug 19th 2006 Wings and Wheels in Reedsburg, WI.

We were so happy with the completed bike; we did 3 shows in 4 days.

This has started us into many other projects.

If it does not have something to do with bikes, I DO NOT DO IT.

There are no web designers, new product researchers, etc. I do all parts of this business. I figured only the amateurs had other people do stuff for them. This is like doing your own tattoos only backwards. If you want it done right you must do it yourself. I would hope you have a trained pro do your tattoos.

This covers the eBay sales, the brick and mortar local sales, promotion and advertising, and just about anything you can think of, including doing the shows, bike nights, and just about everything this biz has to toss my way.

Check back this spring as there will be an entirely new line of parts we will be making available that will include hard core cafe racer parts as well as bolt on moderate cafe parts.

What I do is try to improve this sport with each and every day. This even goes into the way I ride. Every transaction you make with us improves this sport by keeping vintage motorcycles on the road. My customers have made my dreams become a reality and I thank you.

I am not new to motorcycling. Like most my history (which does not matter), started in my teens. This all started with a 1975 Yamaha 175 Enduro Dirt Bike and then grew into the sport bike realm. I cut my street teeth on a stage III GSXR 7/11 (this is a 750 with an 1100 race motor) Race Bike.

With this bike I spent more time on one wheel than most did on two. With lots of true track racing and shooting the twisty’s of Riverside County California through the orchards at speeds well over ton up, I learned that you are never perfect in your game. Close, but never perfect. This was made clear with an impact with a wall at 50+ at a race track pre water and safety walls. While traumatic I was able to glean lots of things from my racing to apply to the road.

I bring my racing experience into every bike I build.

I thank you for your interest in my company and I thank you in advance for any purchase you will or have made with Anubis Cycle LLC.

Function over form at all times. If it does not perform better and then look better you have wasted your time and your money.

Lastly you will notice there are no famous people "Bike Show - Bum Rush" Pictures on our web site. We all know that these famous guys will take pictures with anyone if you have a buddy with a camera and a quick response. And they should as this is good PR. But using such photos to push my own fame is in truly bad taste.

Keep it Real and keep it safe,


Thomas Neubauer "Anubis"








Custom Gauge Faces:

We offer a wide assortment of custom gauge faces to match your application. If we do not have your make or model listed contact us for details. As of right now we are not taking anymore gauge face orders until we work out the production details.

More Information

Rotor Drilling Services:

We offer in house rotor cross drilling services. High tech race look and function for your vintage cafe racer.

More Information

Polishing Services:

We offer in house Aluminum Polishing Services. Time to have you aluminum bits bling like they were intended to. Check out our services page for details.

More Information


We would like to thank you and all of our customers for your continued support.


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