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Drive Chain Inspection


This is something we commonly forget to check, so we will go through how to do this properly as this is extremely important and should be done on a regular basis. Many bikes will suffer irreparable damage when a drive chain fails. Need I mention that when your bike blows a drive chain the chances are high that it will knock a big hole in the crankcase around the front sprocket, possibly lock the rear wheel and send you for a ride/crash you will not welcome.

With that in mind it is always safer to just change out a drive chain that is marginal. On our bikes that we do the twistes with allot we change the drive chain and sprockets with each full season. These bikes see serious drive line abuse so this is the price we must pay for hooking power to the pavement.

First we must understand the anatomy of a drive chain. Drive chains are composed of inside and outside link. Each inside link consists of two plates, two bushings, and two rollers. The outside link is connected to the inside link and consists of two plates and two pins that are riveted to the plates. Rear drive chains are either endless or hooked together with a master link. An endless chain is designed to overcome the weak point that a master link may produce. Some chains have O-rings placed between the bushings and plates and pins and plates so that each link has four O-rings to hold in lubrication.

This is meant to be a basic explanation of the drive chain anatomy, naturally high performance X-ring chains are different monsters.

Notice in the above paragraph..LUBRICATION is the word. For your drive chain to have a decent service life it must be lubricated on a regular basis. Some lubricate as often as 1 tank of fuel = 1 lube the chain. Then there are the extremes where some chains are lucky to see lubrication once a season. If you are only lubricating once a season then you should be changing out your drive chain and sprockets with the start of each season.

Drive Chain Free play Adjustment:

This should be set for approximately 3/4" of an inch. If your chain is set too tight it will wear at an accelerated rate as well as wear out your sprockets quickly.

This means when checking your chain tension adjustment you should be able to pull and push on the center of the chain and have no more than 3/4" deflection from the center line either direction (up or down).

Another quick inspection many miss is to check chain to sprocket fit. At the rear sprocket grab the chain that is on the sprocket and attempt to lift it from the sprocket. You should not be able to lift the chain more than 1/4 inch. If you can it might be time to start looking into changing you drive chain. I check this twice a season to make sure nothing has worn from being hard on my bike. This is something that takes but a few seconds to do and can save you lots of trouble.

When ordering a replacement chain you should also be ordering a set of sprockets to match. A new chain on old sprockets will result in problems with accelerated wear and possible damage to the new chain. Never mix old with new when changing these components on your bike. Also this does not mean change out bad for marginal garbage parts in groups. This is very dangerous and with the relatively low cost in drive chains it just doesn't make any sense.





Custom Gauge Faces:

We offer a wide assortment of custom gauge faces to match your application. If we do not have your make or model listed contact us for details. As of right now we are not taking anymore gauge face orders until we work out the production details.

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Rotor Drilling Services:

We offer in house rotor cross drilling services. High tech race look and function for your vintage cafe racer.

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Polishing Services:

We offer in house Aluminum Polishing Services. Time to have you aluminum bits bling like they were intended to. Check out our services page for details.

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